Interface of the order form

There are many customers at the factory who habitually use the classic order form in the Excel file.

For customers who find it more convenient to place an order according to the table, we have made a special web interface similar to an order form, but much more convenient: you can save the product to favorites, use a convenient search, view photos and send the order to the manager with one button.

Main view

Why is the site better

The problem with the order form is that the buyer does not leave an information trail. It's unclear what he was looking at, for how long, what was in the order when he dropped it. It is very difficult to combine data on promotion channels and final results.


If some users use the form in the form of a website, it is easier to connect the data with yandex.metrica, and it is faster to analyze the behavior of the buyer in the context of promotion channels.

Evgeniy, what have you done!

Hi! My name is Evgeniy Agasyants. I am a designer of interfaces, logos, and everything that can be shown on the screen or printed on paper. Produced photo shoots.

In my free time I create fonts and develop a web font editing service

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