+60,000 photos of Emson clothing

The Emson factory creates about 300 articles of clothing every year. To show all this beauty, you need to plan the shooting season, conduct casting, calculate the budget, organize the shooting and control the editing.


In a couple of seasons, we've redone the entire filming process. From casting to post-production. We raise our children more carefully and are constantly looking for new ones. We select clothes by size, improved the selection of bows. We changed the studio, optimized post-processing and the material storage system. We count the budget to the ruble.

We did everything to make the result uniform and beautiful.


Evgeniy, what have you done!

Hi! My name is Evgeniy Agasyants. I am a designer of interfaces, logos, and everything that can be shown on the screen or printed on paper. Produced photo shoots.

In my free time I create fonts and develop a web font editing service typlr.app

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