Cyrillic for Tasty Coffee

The editor of the Tasty Coffee telegram channel makes cards with coffee terms. And it will be good if the cards are in the corporate style.

But there is a problem: there is almost no Cyrillic in the branded marker inscriptions, and many of the terms for the cards are written in Russian.

First of all, we collect references. Particularly interesting are the rare inscriptions in Cyrillic. We carefully study the stroke, slope, width and characteristic designs. We immediately send some representatives of the Cyrillic alphabet to rest.


I draw new letters and assemble inscriptions from them.


And from the inscriptions we make cards.

Card layout

The first few dozen inscriptions were collected by hand. But when the entire set of Cyrillic and Latin alphabet appeared, we collected all the letters into a font file.

All in one font file

The font file greatly speeds up the typing process. Now you can typeset endlessly.

Ready for infinity

Evgeniy, what have you done!

Hi! My name is Evgeniy Agasyants. I am a designer of interfaces, logos, and everything that can be shown on the screen or printed on paper. Produced photo shoots.

In my free time I create fonts and develop a web font editing service

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